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Our comprehensive Family Math Night kits provide everything you need to host a successful event! We have three different kits for you to choose from.

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The Nifty Numbers theme focuses on hands-on activities, games and projects that get kids to think about and make sense of numbers. Learn more

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The Math Medley theme gets kids to actively explore topics including number, probability, geometry, logical thinking and measurement. Learn more

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The Gellin’ with Geometry theme includes explorations in 2- and 3-dimensional geometry…perfect for developing those visual/spatial STEM skills. Learn more

Each of our Family Math Night kits includes:

  • 8 leveled stations with a total of 24 standards-based activities
  • All the materials and manipulatives for 120 K-5 students and their families (booster packs available for larger schools)
  • Marketing tools such as customizable flyers, announcements, and sample letters
  • Video tutorials and reference guides so anyone can set up your event
  • Meets Title I Section 1118 Parent and Family Engagement

Fun, Engaging AND Mathematically Rich

Each of the activities in the kit is designed around sound mathematical principles. Developed by a veteran elementary school teacher with over 25 years of classroom experience, all the activities are aligned to the Common Core State Standards, TEKS and the Standards of Learning. Not only are they standards-aligned, but each activity has been tested by hundreds of kids in a classroom environment.

Our Kits featured in Classroom Close-up NJ!

Hear what others are saying about our Family Math Nights!

Hear from a parent that organized the Family Math Night event at her school.

A grandmother of one of the students attending the Nifty Numbers Family Math Night.

WOW!!!! Our first Family Math Night was a HUGE success! Your kits are brilliant!

Michele K., Math Instructional Specialist, Midway, TX

Thanks for the fantastic Family Math Night. It was such a joy to see developmentally appropriate, stimulating math activities that involved everyone. From 3 years to adult, we had fun and were challenged. My kids LOVED it.

Susan, Parent, Arcada, CA

I am absolutely delighted with the outcome of our Nifty Numbers and Math Medley Family Math Night last night. You cannot believe the amount of positive feedback that has been coming my way. Family Math Night is all the buzz!

Mary P., Math/Science Curriculum Specialist, Middleton, MA

Our Family Math Night event was a HUGE success! I loved how engaging, challenging, and a lot of fun it was for families and students at all levels and ages. Parents, students, and teachers alike all commented on how great the evening went. The kit made planning a breeze.

Alisha E., M. Ed., Principal, Franklin, TN

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product for families to learn, interact and most importantly, enjoy math. The feedback was outstanding! The parents loved the fact that they were active participants in their child's learning and the children absolutely adored the activities.

Mike G., Teacher, Toronto, Canada

Gellin' with Geometry was such a success last night. Our Facebook page is all the rage talking about it!! It was so much fun watching parent and child so engrossed in doing math!

Janet H., Teacher, Vacaville, CA

Our Nifty Numbers Family Math Night event was fantastic! It was the best turnout we've ever had. The kit made it so easy to organize and set up the stations. I didn't have to think about activities to plan or gather materials which freed me up to focus on other things. It was great to see families actively engaged and asking about another family math night event.

Keegan, Principal, Monterey, CA

Wow! That was an easy set-up, run and take down. The parents and kids loved it. All of the staff said this was their favorite one so far.

Kathy P., Title 1 Math, WI

I am impressed with the Nifty Numbers Family Math Night Kit and am glad that it includes work in many areas. The topics are spot-on and the station banners are great! The fact that the kit activities are connected to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics is important, as well. Nicely done!

Mary Behr Altieri, Mathematics Consultant/NCTM Featured Speaker/Presidential Award Recipient

For more information, check out our Nifty Numbers, Math Medley, and Gellin’ with Geometry kits.

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