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Play-N-Take Kit

Continue the learning at home! Send your families home with games they can play over and over. Designed around solid mathematical concepts, these Play-N-Take games encourage skill practice that’s fun and engaging.
Play-N-Take leveled game packets

Supplement one of our Family Math Night kits or use separately!

The station includes 6 different games: 2 games for each level-beginning, intermediate, advanced. Each student will go home with a bag of games and game pieces from their level.
Beginning Level
Jump Home and Line ‘Em Up games reinforce numeral recognition, counting, strategy, and addition and subtraction facts to 12.
Intermediate Level
The Evens and Odds and Number Cover games reinforce addition and subtraction facts to 18, even and odd numbers, and beginning multiplication and division facts.
Advanced Level
The Fraction Fill and Creative Equations games reinforce addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, order of operations, and fractions.

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Detailed Kit Contents

All game boards and game pieces

Represents one sample at each level

The complete kit serves 120 K-5 students and includes:

  • 80 pawns
  • 5,000 bingo chips
  • 240 1-6 number cubes
  • 40 frog counters
  • 80 0-9 dice
  • 40 one minute sand timers
  • 40 Jump Home game boards
  • 40 Line ‘Em Up game boards
  • 40 Evens vs Odds game boards
  • 40 Number Cover game boards
  • 40 Fraction Fill game boards
  • 40 Creative Equations game boards
  • 120 resealable bags
  • 120 Ways to Help Your Child at Home handouts
  • private link to the online video version of the game directions

Warning: Contains small parts - not intended for children under 3 yrs old.

Continue the learning at home!

Complete Kit

The complete Play-N-Take Kit serves 120 K-5 students and includes 40 of each level.

Item Cost English Spanish
Play-N-Take Complete Kit (Gr. K-5) $450
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Individual Levels

Play-N-Take levels also sold separately. Each set comes with individually packed game boards and game pieces for 40 students.

Item Cost English Spanish
Beginning Level (Gr. K-1) $175
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Intermediate Level (Gr. 2-3) $175
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Advanced Level (Gr. 4-5) $175
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Custom orders for a specific number of students are also available. Please call for details at 800.605.5034

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