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Hunting for Buried Treasure: Angles and Angle Measurement

Aye, matey, it's time to hunt for buried treasure. In this fun and creative activity, students will be designing their very own treasure map. As they design their map and hide their treasure, students will get plenty of practice using a protractor while reinforcing mathematical vocabulary such as acute, obtuse, and right angles, parallel and perpendicular lines.

Tying in social studies and writing skills, students will be using a compass rose to write directions in order for their classmates to find their buried treasure.

This activity is designed to be completed over 3 days and makes a great bulletin board when done!

Bring out the mathematical AND creative juices in your students and let the treasure hunt begin!(Grades 4-5)

    Items included:
  • A link to a video describing the lesson
  • Correlation with the Common Core State Standards
  • Instructions for each day of the 3-day lesson
  • Answer key
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