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The Perfect Box

In this 3-part lesson, students take on the role of Senior Designer at Packages R Us as they design the perfect box in this hands-on and creative project. As students design their box around an object they bring in, they’ll be discovering patterns in the surface area and volume of rectangular prisms. They’ll also be honing their visual/spatial skills as they work to turn 2-dimensional nets into 3-dimensional prisms. Of course they'll need to consider the efficient use of material as they conduct a cost analysis for the production of 100 boxes. (Grades 4-5)

A perfect STEAM project!

Standards addressed: CCSS: 5.MD.3; 5. MD.4; 5.MD.5 TEKS: 4th grade 5C, 5D, 8C 5th grade 4G, 4H, 6A, 6B

    Items included:
  • A link to a video describing the lesson
  • Correlation with the Common Core State Standards and TEKS
  • Step-by step lesson plan including materials needed, mathematical vocabulary, and tips on designing nets
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