Family Math Night Event Kits

Our K-5 Family Math Night kits provide everything you need to host a successful event!

Ideal for:
  • Hosting a complete in-person Family Math Night event
  • Building strong family-school partnerships
  • Engaging parents and caregivers
  • Strengthening mathematical dialogue between parent and child
Easy setup
24 games, activities AND projects
Fun, engaging and mathematically rich

Choose from three different kits

Nifty Numbers™

The Nifty Numbers™ theme focuses on hands-on activities, games and projects that get kids to think about and make sense of numbers.

Math Medley™

The Math Medley™ theme gets kids to actively explore topics including number, probability, geometry, logical thinking and measurement.

Gellin' with Geometry™

The Gellin' with Geometry™ theme includes explorations in 2- and 3-dimensional geometry…perfect for developing those visual/spatial STEAM skills.

Our Kits featured in Classroom Close-up NJ!

Your success is our success!

Hear from a parent that organized the Family Math Night event at her school.

A grandmother of one of the students attending the Nifty Numbers Family Math Night.

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