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Complete kit with banners

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Gellin' with Geometry™ Event Kit

The Gellin' with Geometry™ theme is filled with a variety of engaging, hands-on activities that include explorations in 2- and 3-dimensional geometry…perfect for developing those visual, spatial and artistic STEM/STEAM skills. (Designed for Elementary Grades)

The Gellin' with Geometry™ Kit includes 8 stations with 24 activities in all!

3-D Shapes

Use your senses to explore and make connections between 2-D and 3-D geometry. View Banner


Play with tiles, dice and pipe cleaners to develop concepts in area measurement. View Banner

Fraction Action

Explore beginning concepts in fractions using a kid favorite - geoboards! View Banner

Geometry Bingo

Hone your geometry vocabulary through a fun game of bingo. View Banner


Create cute origami pieces that you get to take home! View Banner


Build with straws and discover the strongest geometric shape. View Banner


Use reflection mirrors and pattern blocks to explore lines of symmetry. View Banner


Develop persistence and spatial skills through these fun puzzles. View Banner

Each station includes:

3 different activity levels

All the required manipulatives and activity sheets

Station facilitator packet

Colorful, 2’ by 5’ vinyl banner (optional)

Kid approved stamp
Fun and Engaging, Standards-based Activities
Teacher approved stamp

Detailed Kit Contents

Gellin' with Geometry™ detailed kit contents image

The Gellin' with Geometry™ Family Math Night Kit was designed with enough materials for 120 K-5 students working at the same time (Booster Packs are available for larger schools). All of the kit materials are contained in a convenient plastic storage container with side handles for easy carrying. Detailed below are all the materials you will receive with your Gellin' with Geometry™ Kit:

Includes comprehensive support for the Math Night Coordinator including step-by-step directions for event planning, tips for working with students as station facilitators, an event planning check-off sheet, evaluation forms, sign-in sheets and more!

Each station’s packet includes: station objectives, background information, detailed set-up instructions, blackline masters, laminated activity sheets and check-off sheets.

Includes comprehensive marketing tools such as flyers, announcements, tips on bringing families to the event, and sample letters.

Parent guide describing each station’s leveled activities including critical thinking questions to ask their children as they do the activities.

An attractive 2’ by 5’ banner that serves as an anchor chart to display at each station.

The new Online Assistant is a comprehensive resource that includes an event planning tool, customizable flyers, blackline masters, ways to recruit and manage your volunteers, video clips of the stations, reminder stickers, evaluation forms, name tags, passports, and so much more.

  • 60 mini geometric solids
  • 45 geometric solids
  • 400 colored inch tiles
  • 10 number cubes
  • 3 12-packs colored pencils
  • Pipe cleaners
  • 15 geoboards
  • Geobands
  • 15 bingo spinners
  • Bingo chips
  • Origami paper
  • Straws
  • Twist ties
  • 5 reflection mirrors
  • 25 Gellin' with Geometry pencils
  • 250 pattern blocks
  • 15 sets tangram puzzle pieces
  • 8 dry erase markers
  • 15 scissors
  • 14 rolls transparent tape
  • 65 cardstock nets
  • 3 Family Math Night pouches
  • 5 satin Family Math Night bags
  • 7" x 3" cardstock
  • 7" x 7" cardstock

Warning: Contains small parts - not intended for children under 3 yrs old.

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