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Beginning Level Power Pack

Beginning Level Power PackIntermediate Level with attached game piecesPower Pack Video

Power Pack Dice Games

Games that teach parents strategies and tools to help their children build strong math skills.

Ideal for:
  • Supporting parents at home
  • Empowering parents with the tools and strategies their children are learning
  • Supplementing a Family Math or Game Night - learn how to use at your event
  • Using as fun and engaging homework - get started with a Family Letter and Check-in Chat
  • Including as a resource for families to check-out
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Power Pack Description

Each Power Pack includes 10 fun and engaging games, each with different versions and levels of difficulty. Also included are the Strategies and Tools used to help play the games.

Level Games Strategies and Tools

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  • Number Cross-Off (5 versions)
  • Tens are Terrific (4 versions)
  • In-Between (5 versions)
  • Doubles are not Trouble (4 versions)
  • Knock it Off! (5 versions)
  • Mystery Number (2 versions)
  • Seven Eleven (3 versions)
  • Greater Than, Less Than (6 versions)
  • Making Tens (2 versions)
  • The Race is On! (7 versions)

Common Core Connections, TEKS Connections

  • Subitizing
  • Counting strip
  • Counting on
  • 10-frame
  • Number bonds
  • Make-a-ten
  • Doubles and doubles +/- 1
  • 20-frame
  • Subtracting
  • Number lines
  • 0-120 number grid

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  • Zero or Bust (2 versions)
  • Rollin' Round (3 versions)
  • Greater Than or Less Than (2 versions)
  • Race On! (2 versions)
  • Pig (2 versions)
  • Closest to Target (2 versions)
  • X's and O's (1 versions)
  • Target Practice (3 versions)
  • Knock Out (2 versions)
  • In-Between (4 versions)

Common Core Connections, TEKS Connections

  • Number bonds
  • Rounding
  • 20-frame
  • Making tens
  • Splitting numbers
  • Partial sums
  • Partial differences
  • Standard algorithm: Addition and Subtraction
  • Number lines
  • Compensation
  • 0-120 number grid
  • Multiplication fact strategies
  • Array and area model of multiplication
  • Equal groups
  • Distributive property

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  • In Good Order (4 versions)
  • In-Between (4 versions)
  • Incredible Equations (2 versions)
  • Rollin' 'Round (3 versions)
  • Rollin' Numbers (2 versions)
  • Multiplication Madness (5 versions)
  • Multiples of 10 (3 versions)
  • Diving into Division (2 versions)
  • Greater Than or Less Than (2 versions)
  • Fraction Action (3 versions)

Common Core Connections, TEKS Connections

  • Rounding
  • Order of Operations
  • Standard Algorithm: Addition and Subtraction
  • Distributive Property: Single-digit multiplication
  • Distributive Property: Double-digit multiplication
  • Partial Products Multiplication
  • Multiplication Strategies: Multiples of 10
  • Partial Quotients Division
  • Standard Algorithm: Multiplication and Division
  • Front End Estimation
  • Number Lines: Multiplying Fractions
  • Fraction Bars

Power Pack Resources

Also included with your Power Pack purchase is exclusive access to online resources to fully realize the ‘power’ of the Power Packs.

Video on the importance of building number sense using the Power Pack tools and strategies.
Short videos for each of the tools and strategies
Printable activity sheets (optional)

Detailed Kit Contents

Represents one sample of each level

The complete kit serves 120 students and includes:

  • 40 Beginning Level Power Packs
  • 40 Beginning Level Game Piece bags
      Each packet includes
    • bingo chips
    • 2 dot dice
    • number cube
    • binder ring
  • 40 Intermediate Level Power Packs
  • 40 Intermediate Level Game Piece bags
      Each packet includes
    • bingo chips
    • 2 number cubes
    • 0-9 die
    • 0-140 number line
    • binder ring
  • 40 Advanced Level Power Packs
  • 40 Advanced Level Game Piece bags
      Each packet includes
    • 4 number cubes
    • binder ring
  • Private access to online resources

Ordering Information

Complete Kit

The complete Power Pack Kit serves 120 K-5 students and includes 40 of each level. Perfect for your Family Math Night event! Learn how to use at your event.

Item Cost
Power Pack Complete Kit (Grades K-5)$1,195
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Item: PP-CK

Individual Levels

Levels also sold separately. Each set comes with 40 individually packed Power Packs. Perfect for customizing your Family Math Night event!

Item Cost
Beginning Level (Grades K-1)$415
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Item: PP-B40
Intermediate Level (Grades 2-3)$415
Add to Cart
Item: PP-I40
Advanced Level (Grades 4-5)$415
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Item: PP-A40

Classroom Sets

Each set comes with 20 individually packed Power Packs. Perfect for sending home with students to practice specific skills! Get started with a Family Letter and Take-Home slip.

Item Cost
Beginning Level (Grades K-1)$215
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Item: PP-B20
Intermediate Level (Grades 2-3)$215
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Item: PP-I20
Advanced Level (Grades 4-5)$215
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Item: PP-A20

Center Sets

Each set comes with 3 individually packed Power Packs - enough for 6 students to play the games together. Perfect for classroom math centers!

Item Cost
Beginning Level (Grades K-1)$39
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Item: PP-B03
Intermediate Level (Grades 2-3)$39
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Item: PP-I03
Advanced Level (Grades 4-5)$39
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Item: PP-A03

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