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Pizza Pie. Yum!

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Pizza Pie Station Kit

In this mouth-watering station participants will be partitioning their pizza into equal shares and adding favorite toppings. It’s fractions in action!

Participants will walk away with their very own personal pizza in a pizza box which they get to take home and share with others.

Pizza Pie Kit Description

This stand-alone station is designed for K-5 students and includes three activity levels:

Beginning Level (K-1)
Students will partition their pizza into halves and fourths, describe equal shares, count their toppings, and write equations.

Common Core Connections

Intermediate Level (2-3)
Students will partition their pizza into fourths, write fractions, create equations using fractions, and use fractions to describe their pizza.

Common Core Connections

Advanced Level (4-5)
Students will use protractors to partition their pizza into fifths, sixths, eighths, ninths, or tenths and write equations using fractions.

Common Core Connections

Detailed Kit Contents

All game boards and game pieces for the Project Kit

The Pizza Pie Station Kit was designed with enough materials for 126 K-5 students. All of the kit materials are contained in a convenient plastic storage container with side handles for easy carrying. Detailed below are all the materials you will receive with your Pizza Pie Station Kit:

  • 126 8" pizza pies
  • 126 pizza pie boxes
  • 126 pizza pie toppings
  • 42 glue sticks
  • 42 pencils
  • 42 scissors
  • 42 straight edges
  • 4 Family Math Night pouches
  • 14 protractors
  • Station Facilitator Notes
  • Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced table tents
  • Beginning Level activity sheet
  • Intermediate Level activity sheet
  • Advanced Level activity sheet
  • An attractive 2’ by 5’ banner that serves as an anchor chart to display at each station.

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    The complete Pizza Pie Kit serves 126 K-5 students:

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    Pizza Pie Station Kit Refill (Gr. K-5)
    Includes 126 each of pizza pies, pizza pie boxes, and pizza pie toppings
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