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Skill practice the fun way!

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Go-Go Games Station Kit

Everybody loves to play games! They’re engaging, motivating, and fun. And when kids have a hand in designing the games, they’re even more fun.

In this Family Math Night Go-Go Games station, participants choose from three game boards then add detail and action space stickers to personalize their boards. When done designing, they play their game with a partner and practice important number skills in a way where kids actually want to do math.

Participants will walk away with their very own game board which they get to take home and play with others.

Go-Go Games Kit Description

This stand-alone station is designed for K-5 students and includes three activity levels:

Beginning Level (K-1)
This game has three versions and reinforces:
Version 1: subitizing, counting, numeral recognition
Version 2: making a 10
Version 3: beginning subtraction

Common Core Connections

Intermediate Level (2-3)
This game has four versions and reinforces:
Version 1 and 2: subtraction
Version 3: addition, even/odd numbers
Version 4: beginning multiplication

Common Core Connections

Advanced Level (4-5)
This game reinforces unit fractions, comparing fractions, equivalent fractions, addition of fractions, and benchmark fractions.

Common Core Connections

Detailed Kit Contents

All game boards and game pieces for the Project Kit

The Go-Go Games Station Kit was designed with enough materials for 126 K-5 students. All of the kit materials are contained in a convenient plastic storage container with side handles for easy carrying. Detailed below are all the materials you will receive with your Go-Go Games Station Kit:

  • 45 Beginning game boards, 3 styles
  • 45 Intermediate game boards, 3 styles
  • 45 Advanced game boards, 3 styles
  • 220 spinners
  • 260 Pawns in two colors
  • 150 assorted color pencils
  • 2 Family Math Night pouches
  • 126 Polybags
  • Station Facilitator Notes
  • Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced table tents
  • 9 Designing a Game Board table tents
  • Action space sticker sheets
  • Station facilitator video link
  • An attractive 2’ by 5’ banner that serves as an anchor chart to display at each station.

    Ordering Information

    The complete Go-Go Games Kit serves 126 K-5 students:

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    Item: GO-SK
    Go-Go Games Station Kit Refill (Gr. K-5)
    Includes 15 of each Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced game boards (45 total for each level), 260 pawns in two colors, 220 spinners, 126 polybags, 2 sheets square action stickers, 12 sheets round action stickers
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