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Home screen where participants enter the event

Home screen where participants enter the eventWhat Do You Notice? StationBeginning level activity at the Coding StationEstimation StationHoneycomb StationPaper Airplanes StationBeginning, Intermediate and Advanced Activity Packets

Virtual FMN - STEAM Edition

Get families designing honeycomb cells, flying paper airplanes, coding 'robots', and more in this fun event that emphasizes science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

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Explore 5 fun and engaging stations!

Honey bees are great mathematicians! Learn about the science and math of honeycomb then design a honeycomb cell.
'Program' parents to do silly things while learning basic coding skills.
Paper Airplanes
Fold two different paper airplanes then measure and collect flight data that will be displayed in a school-wide graph. Which plane flies the farthest?
The estimation jar is a fun, tried-and-true way to develop number sense. We have three jars: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. But the best part is the BIG reveal at the end of your event!
What Do You Notice?
These low-floor, high-ceiling posters get students to think about math on a deeper level. Families will share out their comments for all to see.

Detailed Kit Contents

Kit contents

Represents one sample at each level

Our Virtual Family Math Night kit serves 120 K-5 students and includes everything you need to host a successful event. As with all our kits, we make things easy for you by pre-packaging all the materials to distribute to your families.
The complete kit includes:
  • 120 K-5 Activity Packets, 40 packets for each grade band: K-1, 2-3, 4-5.
    • Each packet includes:
    • 4 sheets colored paper
    • 3 cardstock strips
    • clear stickers
    • box of crayons
    • ruler
    • string
  • Family Math Night Coordinator Packet
  • Promotional tools such as customizable flyers, announcements, and sample letters
  • Step-by-step guide so anyone can set up your event
  • Unique school code for your community to access the event on event night
  • Unique code to access the Coordinator portal to set up your event
Device and platform information:
    The ‘virtual’ part of the Virtual Family Math Night is web-based and is intended to run on a wide variety of devices and platforms.

    For best results, we recommend the following:
  • Chromebook with web camera
  • Laptop/computer (Windows, Mac) with web camera
    • Chrome, Safari or Edge web browser
  • iPad (5th Generation or newer) - ask us about other supported models

Ordering Information

Complete Kit

The complete Virtual Family Math Night Kit serves 120 K-5 students and includes 40 individually packaged Activity Packets for each level.

Item CostEnglishSpanish
Virtual FMN STEAM Complete Kit (Gr. K-5)$695
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Item: VS-CK
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Item: VS-CK-SP

Individual Levels

Virtual Family Math Night Kit levels also sold separately. Each level comes with Activity Packets for 40 students.

Item CostEnglishSpanish
Virtual FMN STEAM Beginning Level (K-1)$250
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Item: VS-B40
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Item: VS-B40-SP
Virtual FMN STEAM Intermediate Level (2-3)$250
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Item: VS-I40
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Item: VS-I40-SP
Virtual FMN STEAM Advanced Level (4-5)$250
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Item: VS-A40
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Item: VS-A40-SP

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